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Eminem – Berzerk Video + Lyrics (Brand New Single) MMLP2

What? A brand new single by the king of hip hop himself?

Eminem has just released his brand new single “Berzerk” which is insanely good! Guess who’s back? Back again? Slim Shady is back baby!

Eminem kills this track and has brought back his old flow and his old style and it has me and the rap community excited! This makes me and the entire music community super anxious for his brand new CD, MMLP2. Hopefully he has that old sound that Dr. Dre introduced us to back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s!

Eminem – Berzerk Video + Lyrics

(Lyrics Coming Soon!!)

Eminem and his Brand New CD – MMLP2

If you guys know anything about Eminem is that his first LP was groundbreaking. Now he comes back with a single called Berzerk which sounds like his old flow and a CD called the MMLP2? Anyone else excited? If you watched the terrible MTV Awards you might have noticed a brand new beats by Dre commercial that featured a snippet of this song which was enough seconds to get us all excited about this new CD. Now the full song has been released by EminemVEVO and is free to listen to on YouTube. We provided you the link above.

Let Yourself Go


Let yourself go, let yourself goooooooo….. Anyone else have this song on repeat? “Let’s say fuck it, before we kick the bucket, life’s to short to not go for broke” is just a snippet of lyrics from this incredible track, I can’t wait for the full lyrical release of this song. “We’re gonna run this house until we knock it down so turn the volume loud”… This song is just so damn good. I am just so damn excited for this brand new Eminem CD!

Leave a comment below and tell us all how you feel about the brand new song by Eminem called Berzerk!