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Earning Money Is Priceless

Remember that first time you ever earned money?

Was it selling lemonade when you were a child? Could it have been the neighbors lawn that you mowed or maybe driveway that you shoveled that earned you your first paycheck?

Most of us start out making birthday money or Christmas money, basically money given to us. Unless you’re born with a silver spoon up your you know what, then usually you were probably given something around the lines of $20.00 or so does that seem about right? My rule was that I could spend half of my gift money and I had to put the rest in the bank towards savings. Long story short, I ended up spending my entire savings on a brand new computer at the age of 13 and now you can understand why I am still using one today.

Earning Money Is Priceless, Not Just Handed To You

Hundred Dollar Bills

My first ever paycheck was from this company called Adjungle and it was for a website that I had created at the age of 13. How cool is that? However, I wasn’t able to cash it because legally you had to be 18 to even sign up for the advertising site. I don’t even know if adsense was around back then let alone things like YouTube. My website was a video website for Halo, the video game, videos. I provided secret ways of doing things in the game, glitches to be exact, and I had much success doing it.

The second that paycheck was mailed to my house I was amazed by the thought of earning my own money. Yes, I wish I could just be handed money and not have to work for it but I am not so fortunate for that. I am fortunate for having a unique brain and a creative mind that will lead me to more earned cash though.

Don’t wait for the lotto to call in your numbers, go out there and earn it. Do whatever the hell it is that you are very good at and perfect it. Once you perfect it, you will start earning money. It is truly priceless.