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Dr. Oz is the Supplement Version of Oprah

Dr. Oz is the most influential person on television right now and he is all about supplements. You could say that Doctor Oz is the modern day version of Oprah. Remember back when Oprah was the hottest show on television and she would give products away? Oprah would mention a book and that author became an instant millionaire. You can easily say Dr. Oz has filled that position entirely with the health and nutrition industry. When Dr. Oz mentions a supplement, everybody runs to the local vitamin store or online to purchase that exact product. I believe he is being genuine but I’m also assuming he’s getting some kind of payday for his influence.

“I’m out of the loop, What did Dr. Oz Recommend?”

Dr. Oz has recommended many products over the course of this year and I am sure you have heard some of them. He mentioned Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract, Raspberry Ketone, Saffron, Phytoceramides, and many more supplements to get you to better health and to make your wallet lighter.


Do these supplements actually work though? Well that’s hard to say. Even if the product your taking gives you a placebo effect, and causes you to eat healthier and exercise, then you can technically say that it did in fact work. I know people that have bought pretty much every supplement that Doctor Oz has mentioned and haven’t seen any success. Well Why’s that? Well probably because you sat in front of the TV watching a Doctor show and ate potato chips all day instead of eating healthy and working out. To contradict that, I also have seen people buy certain supplements and in fact lose an excessive amount of weight.

Seriously People, Control Yourselves!


It’s really about your self control. It’s like when someone who has never had to work hard for their money gets a huge payday but then quickly blows through it all and feels even worse afterwards. I’m sure next year and the years to follow, Dr. Oz will be telling you how to be more healthy and what supplements are needed in your diet. Oprah’s influence lasted for a long time and I do not see this doctor going anywhere anytime soon. Unless some big scandal comes out half way through his career, which I seriously doubt because he seems pretty sincere, you will be seeing Mehmet Oz on television for years to come.