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Don’t use GoDaddy – Trust Me, Alternative Website Hosting

Don’t use GoDaddy, just trust me on this one.

Look, I’m sure sure there is some good with using GoDaddy but every single personal experience I have had with them has been awful. The website loading has been extremely slow and the customer support is pure awful. It seems like they care more about spending money on advertising then actually helping their clients.

Danica Patrick and Adam Carolla are always promoting GoDaddy and I just wish they chose a better hosting company to promote.

Use Bluehost Instead – Best Website Hosting Company

Most of the websites I create or work with to this day are with Bluehost. Bluehost has fast hosting speeds and has the best 24/7 customer service. Guess What? It’s cheap to have the premium hosting packages with them too.

If you’re a smart person and you want to create your very own website, click on my affiliate link for Bluehost and sign up right now. Let your first couple days experience with them do the talking for you. They are immaculate.