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Don’t Make the Same Mistake I Just Made

I just made an epic mistake and please learn from this.

I went to check out Popular Blog Site and when I clicked on my saved bookmark, a one page screen came on with Ads. At first I thought maybe someone hacked me but then I realized how dumb I am.

My domain name had expired. How could I let this happen? Well I totally didn’t realize I hadn’t set it to auto renew and today must have been the day I purchased it over a year ago. Good thing I caught it fast because it didn’t cause me much damage, just destroying some of my stats.

Domain Expired – Stupid but Easy Mistake to Make!

Stupid Mistake Popular Blog Site

I recall about a year ago the Dallas Cowboys also did the same exact thing and their domain URL had expired. I guess I’m not the only one but I did catch it in time to fix it. You actually have 30 days after expiration to renew it but then after that anybody has free range to purchase it. I went and renewed it right away and was able to access Popular Blog Site about 20 minutes later.

What’s funny is on my iPhone, the website was still loading fine even after expiration. The customer support chat explained it as propagation and that my ISP needs to connect to their servers for it to be fixed.

Well back in action and I made sure to set it to auto-renew so hopefully this mistake won’t happen again.