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Don’t Let People Walk All Over You

No matter what you do in life, don’t let people just walk all over you.

You should be treated with respect just like everyone else. Think about it this way.

If you knew you were going to die tomorrow or get fired tomorrow, or even quit I guess tomorrow, how would you act today? If I knew I was dieing tomorrow I wouldn’t let anything bother me and I wouldn’t take crap from anybody. No matter what it comes down to, it’s usually money, stand your ground. If we were all millionaires or we all knew we were going to die tomorrow, none of us would put up with anything that bothered us all day.

There’s a difference between a boss that cares and a boss that views you as a number. To some people, they only think about what would they do if you got hit by a mack truck and had to be replaced and how easy it would be to replace you. These people are often successful but they are not happy with life. Now say you have a boss that is strict on you, but views you as a person, you will definitely get compensated and actually enjoy helping them out.

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It’s money. If I was making millions of dollars, but got treated like shit for 8 hours every single day, I would still be extremely happy. Think about the reasons you don’t quit a bad job. It’s because you have bills to pay and obligations to withhold. Personally, I hate being told what to do and I am striving to become self-employed but in the meantime I’m working because I kind of have to in able to enjoy the fun things I want to do on the weekends.

If I quit my job or got fired, I wouldn’t be able to eat sushi constantly or go to the casino as often, these are fun things that I love to do. So, I guess what I am saying is that treat every day like tomorrow isn’t going to happen. You won’t have a care in the world and you will be a happier, better person.