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Does anyone else hate mondays?

Mondays just completely suck no matter how you look at it.

Especially if you have a full-time job. I live for the weekends and now fully understand what it means to have a case of the Mondays. Today I have a severe case.

I just sat here staring at the TV for the last few hours getting nothing accomplished. I don’t even feel like typing this post out but I need to add content every single day to be happy. Can we just get rid of Mondays? Or remember how in school some days would be late start or early release? Let’s add that to the work force this way Monday’s won’t be so bad. I mean heck, before you know it it’s the weekend already.

Ok look, sorry for this shit post, I am just out of it today. Happy Monday everyone…

  • I actually like Mondays – only becos it’s a ‘do over’ kinda day. The first day of a new week to me where I can start (again), especially if I messed up the week before or didn’t quite finish what I should have finished yesterweek. Just mho 🙂

  • Admin

    Very True it is a good starting point for any goal but I guess I hate Monday’s because it’s associated with myself having a long work week ahead of me. Once I am 100% self employed, I will soon again enjoy a nice Monday. Thanks for your comment Wanda!