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Day 9 – Awesome Workout At Gym & Diet Went Well

Day 9 of this 84 day Intermittent Fasting Diet and today has been my best day yet! I am so proud to say that I kicked ass at the gym and I dominated my diet for the day.

I am also officially going 2 days strong without drinking any pop, my drug of choice was Diet Coke. I still think it is delicious but I’m just trying to ignore my addiction to it and just down water when I get thirsty. I actually am starting to look forward to drinking water and that surprisingly is something that’s new to me.

If you are just starting to read up on Popular Blog Site, exactly 9 days ago I started this Intermittent Fasting Diet Journey and it has been a bumpy ride except the past couple of days. I like to think of the first 7 days as a pre-game warm up and now I am going full throttle on my gym activity and my dieting. This is an extremely strict diet I am on and it’s actually getting easier day by day.

Day 9 of 84 – Awesome Gym Workout & Dieting is on Point

Today I was planning on going to the gym in the morning but when I woke up, I was just too damn tired so I decided to sleep for another hour or so before I had to go to work. Now I fasted yesterday so I was ridiculously hungry when I got to work today so I had purchased some beef sticks. These things are great, they are called Ostrim Barbecue Beef & Ostrich Sticks and they are delicious and nutritious!

These definitely kept me from going over the edge today. I ate a total of 7 today, 6 during the work span, and 1 after my workout. Did I overdue it? Absolutely. Did it kill my diet? Absolutely Not. Check out the Nutrition Facts for these bad boys:

Ostrim Nutrition Facts

Let’s do some simple math looking at the stats above. There is only 80 calories per beef stick. Since I ate a ridiculous amount, being 8, that is a total of 640 calories. It’s definitely a low amount of calories and totally fits in my diet budget. Now the sodium is something I shouldn’t be overdoing, thus I will not be eating these all the time. Just on days that I am struggling to keep myself motivated. The protein content is amazing! I consumed 112 grams of protein just from the Ostrim sticks! Now that is awesome and it totally is a good source of protein.

I also went out to lunch today during my lunch break at work. I purchased a chopped salad from Portillo’s and that is supposedly around 400 calories, but that is just hear say because Portillo’s doesn’t list their Nutrition Facts on their website. If you add the chopped salad and the Ostrim sticks, that’s a total of about 1,100 calories which is a low amount of calories and perfect for my diet.

Straight Cardio Today at the Gym

Elliptical Machine

Yes, I consumed 1,100 calories today but I also burned 400 calories at the gym! I was at the gym for approximately 40 minutes today, and spent all 40 of those minutes of the elliptical machine. I put the resistance at 7, I like feeling the burn and it is most effective when you have resistance applied. Today was my first time doing cardio in a very long time so my stats will only approve once I have developed a rhythm at the gym. I was able to burn 400 calories doing this exercise and that is a pretty good start for my first time at the gym in a very long time. I plan on going again early in the morning before work and I hopefully will burn at least 500 calories. I use to be at a point where I would do the elliptical machine and burn over 750 calories in an hour’s time. I am no doubt going to get back to that point again.

I hate the treadmill so you won’t catch me on there but when it gets warm enough outside, I will start running again. For now, the elliptical will do just fine for me. It was very easy doing the elliptical when I had my headphones playing The Adam Carolla Podcast, time flew by.

As far as lifting goes, I plan to slowly get back into it. As always, I hope you enjoyed this update and I have been getting plenty of emails and tweets giving me inspiration. Thank You very much for the support! I will be posting pictures at the end of this Intermittent Fasting Journey.