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Day 7 – Signed Up For A Gym Membership

Today is Day 7 of my diet and I finally got my gym membership situated. The gym I was signed up for actually was bought out so I have to go and cancel that membership tomorrow however I signed up for a new one today.

I’m glad I did because this gym I signed up for has a ton of locations near all the places I will be around so I have no excuse now. I think I’m actually going to try and go to sleep early tonight and go to the gym in the morning tomorrow. We will see if that happens.

I also bought some protein and some other supplements that will guide in my road to weight loss and I can’t wait to see some progress. I have been pretty vague the last few posts for my diet, it has only been 7 days but I will start posting more in depth posts starting tomorrow. I have been extremely busy and I haven’t been doing so hot on my diet until now.

I have been struggling but now I have my gym membership and it’s time to go hard! Thanks for following!