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Day 52 – Day 54 – I’ve been slacking big time

The past 3 days of my diet, including today, have been horrible. I can’t even say I have been doing decent.

I’m starting to unravel in this terrible spiral downhill that doesn’t seem to be stopping. I have been letting my emotions get to me and I need to get my mind back in action. The hardest part about this journey is being 100% honest with you guys. I hate having to admit that I fucked up sometimes but I have to be honest. That’s the entire point of this whole thing.

Look, today is Saturday, I’m going to eat normal and I’m also going to eat normal tomorrow. Starting Monday, If I don’t start busting my ass again this entire 84 days will be a lost cause for me. I haven’t gained any weight, I still am down 20 pounds since I started. Let’s lose another 20 pounds and I will think of this as a success.

Thanks for reading and sorry if I disappointed anybody.