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Day 5 – My Cheat Meal Was Delicious & Satisfying

Day 5 of my Intermittent Fasting diet is complete and all I have to say is I love cheat meals. I definitely felt bad eating it but I had to celebrate winning 500 big ones at the casino last night.

I started off the day not knowing what I was going to do or what I was going to eat. I ended up doing the typical thing and had some chipotle, which I tweeted about, and I had the same damn thing as always, a steak burrito bowl.

This wasn’t my ordinary burrito bowl though, it’s like the best chipotle steak chef in America must have been working because it was cooked to perfection. It was so damn delicious that I went to the counter and tipped the man responsible for making it. I gave him $20.00 because it was amazing and I knew I would be gambling later so why not donate to a good cause. He seemed to be in high school maybe or college, either way he was young and I’m sure could use an extra $20.00.

Day 5 – Here is the Cheat Meal

Since it was Saturday I granted myself with one major epic cheat meal. The cheat meal was 4 plain jumbo hotdogs from my favorite restaurant and a large cheese fry. A good sign is after 2 of those hot dogs I started feeling full. However, that didn’t stop me from eating all 4 of those jumbo delicious and satisfying hot dogs.

I mean I was dipping them in cheese sauce and just having a blast because I just came home from dominating at the casino. I was on a rush and my stomach was also.

I will post later tonight about how my diet goes today but I have a feeling it’s going to involve some chipotle again. Stay Tuned!