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Day 44 – Subway & Some Carb Up

Today is Day 44 of my crazy diet adventure and I decided to fill up on some carbs today so I get some energy for the second half of the week.

Today I was ridiculously tired but still managed to burn 400 plus calories at the gym. Score!

What I really need to do is get more sleep so I’m not miserable all day at work. I couldn’t fall asleep last night until about 1 in the morning and then I woke up at 4 in the morning and went in the gym. That’s only 3 hours of sleep and I have already been lacking to begin with.

Before I pass out I’m going to keep this short and tell you I had a Turkey Sub from Subway, but I measured it and it wasn’t 12 inches! Ok, I’m kidding but it was decent. It’s a shame the damn subway I go to is stingy. You know, the kind of people who count the pickles and give you one napkin? Anyways…When I got home I made a package of expired rice, yes expired, because it just expired so I figured I’d eat it so I didn’t have to throw it away. I mixed some canned chicken inside of it and combined some of my favorite hot sauce on it and it tasted ok, could have been better.

I am bloated and stuffed now but tomorrow I will be fasting so the bloat will be gone by Friday. Stay Tuned and thanks for following!