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Day 43 – 600 Calories Burned + Unusual Fasting Day

Today is Day 43 and I decided to Fast Today since I screwed up big time yesterday. If you do not know what I am referring too, I decided to do an Intermittent Fasting Diet which you can read on Popular Blog Site!

If you read my post from yesterday you would have found out that I stuffed my face with pizza and Easter candy but not today! Since I didn’t fast on Monday, which was the original game plan, I decided to fast today which worked out perfectly.

I didn’t eat a damn thing except a little bit of seaweed, my secret weight loss snack, and a bunch of water. I love drinking water and it totally helps with dieting and staying hydrated and feeling better.

Killed My Workout Today Son!

killer spongebob

I’m so glad I had a killer workout today because I was feeling so bad about overeating last night. I’m happy to say that I burned 600 calories and had more time left on the machine to burn even more! I wish I had more time in real time but I had to get to work. I need to hurry up in the morning and stop wasting an hour just getting up for the gym so I can have more gym time.

Back in action baby! Diet is going great! I need to stay committed for the next few weeks because I’m on the second half of this diet and I have no room for error now. Dedicated!

  • What type of seaweed do you use for a snack? I normally use beans on my fasting days but I am looking for new snacks.

  • Admin

    Hey John, I eat a variety of Seaweed. I suggest that you go to an Asian marketplace and try many different types of seaweed. There is literally 100’s of different versions and it is so cheap that it’s low budget to try different flavors. My favorites happen to be any type that is in a round container and not wrapped individually because I like to eat a bunch at a time and having to unwrap each little sheet is a pain in the butt! I hope this helped you John, thanks for the comment!