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Day 4 – I Need To Get Serious Here – Not My Best Work

So Day 4 is almost to a close and I am not proud of my dieting skills today. This is my first Friday on a diet but I have sort of failed in my eyes.

Today I went and picked up another Chopped Salad from Portillo’s and ate that for lunch while I was at work. That includes a delicious banana nut muffin for desert which I engulfed. At this point if I would have just put a stop to my eating I would have scored an A+ but I was feeling hungry again about the time I got off work at 5.

I seem to do the same routine constantly in my life, and I’m realizing it now since I have been blogging about it. What I mean by that is my girlfriend went and picked me up chipotle again today, god bless this beautiful woman let me tell you, she is good to me.

So that’s more food I shouldn’t be eating but I got a burrito bowl with steak which wasn’t super bad but once I left the house things progressed for the worse.

Day 4 – Intermittent Fasting, Not Really Dedicated Quite Yet

intermittent fasting

I have been slacking on being serious about this diet. I have been eating much better than I was but I am not going to see any results anytime soon at the rate I am going. My girlfriend and I decided to go to the casino today and at the casino they have free drinks. I drank about 3 generic Dr. Pepper’s and when I got home from the casino I had a small bowl of ice cream. I shouldn’t even have ice cream at my house during my diet but I’m glad I got it all out of my system now.

Change will begin tomorrow. I’m going to go to my gym tomorrow and make sure I’m all signed up and ready to workout. What’s good is there are multiple locations, one by my work, and one by my house. I’m goign to sign up and then come Monday I will be going to the gym every single day of the week until this extra fat is burnt off.

Starting tomorrow you will be getting more healthier posts for this Intermittent Fasting Diet that I will conquer. Thank You for Reading!