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Day 37 Through Day 41 – Been too busy to post sorry!

Just a quick update, I have been extremely busy getting some things together and now today is Easter! Happy Easter by the way!

Anyways, I went to the Gym Thursday and Friday and blew out a total of 1,200 calories in those days combined. I also ate very well during the week. However I regret to say I have been eating poorly for the past couple of days. I had an opportunity to eat at a very fancy steakhouse the other day and let’s just say the lowest price tag any anything was $60 and that was for the soup. I couldn’t pass up on this opportunity, it was all paid for by the way and I didn’t have to pay a dime.

So I enjoyed Lobster Bisque and some aged porterhouse with my beautiful girlfriend and had some fine champagne which made for an amazing night. Then yesterday my girlfriend and I ate Chipotle in the afternoon and order some pizza at night. Now I feel bloated and disgusting and I’m going to my grandma’s house for Easter and I will be eating some fine homemade Italian food.

Today is Day 41 and the past few days I haven’t been putting 100% into this. This will change tomorrow. I will start my day tomorrow with a strenuous cardio session in the morning and then depending on the weather, maybe I will go on a run after work. Tomorrow will be the half way point and I am excited to have another 42 days to accomplish my goals. I’m learning a lot of health information during this journey and I’m starting to feel better on a regular basis. Thanks for reading and sorry for the delay!