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Day 36 – Week 6 Already? Time Flies

Today would be the first day of week 6 making it Day 36 of my Intermittent Fasting Diet. I can’t believe it is already Week 6, where has the time gone? So far this has been a successful journey and I hope to maintain this success until the 84th day upon completion. I have already lost a total of 18 pounds and my weight has been steady at this weight even including today.

Today I made damn sure that I burned at least 600 calories at the gym today and I did! I killed my workout today and it felt great being able to sweat and finally have a good cardio day. It has been at least a week since I have had a strong day in the gym and this just motivates me to hit my mark again tomorrow. It is starting to get easier to use the cardio equipment at the gym and I am able to go longer durations before resting periods which is awesome. I just jam out to my music of I’ll listen to a Podcast on my iPhone and the time will just fly by. Sometimes I am there too long or get there too late because I have been pushing it to be on time for work and I need to adjust a bit so I have more time to shower and get ready afterwards.

Other than that, I have been doing great. Today I only consumed maybe 500 calories? Not because I wanted to or anything but I was so busy with work today I didn’t take a lunch and when I got home I had to do some cleaning around the house because someone is coming over tomorrow to work on my house. This is actually the first time I have sat down since I got home about 5 hours ago.

As always, thank you very much for following my journey and I hope I can at least inspire someone out there to reach their goals and show you it is in fact very possible to succeed.