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Day 31 – Thirsty Thursday – More Like Hungry Thursday

Day 31 is almost complete for the day and since it is Thursday it is a fasting day for me considering I am doing the Intermittent Fasting 5/2 Diet.

Normally I don’t struggle with my fasting days but today was one tough cookie. Hmm..cookie sounds so good right now. Anyways, I ended up fasting all day and then when I came home I snacked on seaweed. Maybe 100 calories if that in total so fasting was a success.

I ended up at the gym a little bit later than usual this morning and it was also ridiculously freezing outside today in Chicago. When I checked my phone this morning it said that it was 14 degrees out! That is too damn cold for Spring!

31 days – Lost 15 Pounds. I am going to be re-feeding all weekend!