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Day 3 – Interesting Diet Day, Didn’t Go As Planned.

Day 3 of my diet was a bit of a disaster. Now I’m trying to be as honest as possible here so let me explain what happened.

Let’s just say I started feeling extremely sick at work today and at around 10AM I had to leave and just go home. The sickness I felt was not related to my diet but something stupid I did which I’m not about to try and explain. If you really want to know you can email me.

So basically I needed to eat something to feel better so I decided to push off my Intermittent Fasting for tomorrow, which is Friday. It’s going to totally suck having to fast on a Friday but I have to recover from the eating that took place today.

Now I still ate pretty clean but maybe a bit more calories then I might have wanted but I’ll make up for it tomorrow when I change my fasting to Friday this week.

Day 3 of Intermittent Fasting – Not So Great

I was suppose to fast today since it is Thursday and as I planned my fasting takes place on Monday’s & Thursdays. I didn’t fast today but I needed to eat for stupid reasons. We’ll just say I had way to much caffeine and I needed to absorb some of it before my body shut down.

What’s good about today is I drank a ton of water, likely 2 gallons. I’ve been hydrated all day for sure. Around 11AM I felt terrible so I made myself some cream of chicken soup with low fat milk and I ate a full can serving. I believe I consumed about 300 calories total from the soup and with the soup I had 2 slices of bread just because my stomach needed something solid to settle it down.

Thanks to my lovely girlfriend, she came right over around noon to take care of me and she brought me over a chopped salad from Portillo’s again! How awesome is she? She made my day with the salad and it was delicious. Now for someone planning on fasting this seems bad but for someone on a diet, so far I’m still eating pretty clean.

Then the nighttime came along and I just woke up from a nap I took and my girlfriend and I were both hungry again. I broke my rule of not eating after 7PM and ended up getting a steak burrito bowl from Chipotle and had some tortilla chips with it. Also, very minimal carbs involved but definitely more calories then I should have consumed, especially today. I most likely consumed about 1,500 Calories today which isn’t great but then it also isn’t bad.

I’ll definitely make up for it this weekend. Thanks for following my Intermittent Fasting Diet!