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Day 29 – 600 Plus Calories Burned & Diet Going Great

Today is Day 29 of my 84 day Intermittent Fasting Journey and I am happy to say that I burned over 600 calories at the gym today.

I was going full speed the entire time and worked up a nice sweat too, it actually felt pretty good to go to the gym today and I am glad that I did!

My mornings now have turned into going to the gym as a necessity! If I ever miss a gym day on the weekdays, I am going to feel like I’m naked for the rest of the day. I need t0 start adding weight training to this cardio regimen but I am hard on time. I wish I could get myself to go to the gym maybe an hour earlier, then I can still do my hour of cardio then lift for say another 30-45 minutes. Hopefully I will transition into something soon and start growing these muscles back to size.

I also ate very clean today and didn’t eat more than 600 calories so I am basically burning fat off as we speak or I mean as I type I guess. As always, thank you for reading and feel free to share or ask me any questions!