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Day 24 – Intermittent Fasting With Some Tomato Sauce

Day 24 is almost over and I have successfully fasted! Today was my second day of fasting for the week, and I do not have to worry about fasting until next Monday. Thankfully.

It was a rugged start to my morning, I think I am beginning to get sick and hopefully it just passes and it doesn’t last long. My throat was completely swollen and I felt like crap. I even told myself to go back to bed but I didn’t and went to the gym anyways. Now that is some serious dedication, the old me wouldn’t have done that. I would have said to myself, well I’m sick, I’m going to start again next Monday. I am very glad my head is in the right place this time around.

At the gym I burned a little over 400 calories which is not what I wanted, I wanted to burn 600 calories but I got to the gym late and I also wasn’t feeling too good. Throughout the day at work, I actually started feeling better but once the night comes to an end, I’m starting to feel sick again.

Day 24 – Intermittent Fasting With Some Tomato Sauce

Tomato Sauce

I’m a big fan of anything to do with Tomato’s and today during my fast, and my sore throat, I thought it would be a good idea to make my own tomato sauce and throw in some chipotle peppers and lime sauce and kind of eat it like a soup. It took me forever to prepare it and I only snacked on it for a few minutes before realizing it was not the same without anything in it. It was just tomato sauce and it was missing something like pasta or meatballs or etc.

I ended up dumping it out in the sink and started binge eating boxes of donuts. I am kidding about the latter but I did dump it out in the sink and decided that this will be it for the day, it is a fasting day so that is completely fine. I wish I could eat right now, but it will just make tomorrow worth it when I finally get to eat.

Today I felt like I looked thinner but I don’t know. I still wish this weight loss would progress faster but patience is what is needed and over a period of time I should see some impressive results. I can’t wait until Day 84 already so I can just be done and reevaluate my dieting. Thanks for reading guys!