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Day 22 – Good Morning Workout, Had Soup & Salad

Today is Day 22 of my Intermittent Fasting Diet and I was extremely tired all day. I actually have been pretty tired as of late because of this diet and lack of caffeine from the pop I am no longer drinking. I’m actually going to go lay down after I finish this post up.

Today I burned over 400 calories at the gym, which is lower than I wanted to, but I sweated a lot and felt good afterwards. Hopefully I will get good sleep tonight and I will be able to have a fresh body in the morning and hit that goal of 600 calories burned tomorrow.

I ate a Chopped Salad from Portillos today around 12PM and then when I got home from work I had a big bowl of Cream of Chicken Soup with a little bit of milk. The chopped salad is about 400 calories and the soup is around 500. Most likely I consumed about 1,200 calories total today which is more then I wanted to but it’s ok, I needed a solid meal because my hunger cravings almost put me over the edge today. I should be good to eat low calories for the rest of the week and I will be fasting again on Thursday.

Thanks for following my journey!