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Day 21 – Intermittent Fasting Made Easy

Today is Day 21 of my Intermittent Fasting Journey and it has been great! Today is Monday, so this week I decided to stick with the script and Fast today. I am doing the 5:2 intermittent fasting ratio and today is the first of the 2 days. I will also be fasting on Thursday.

I did cheat a very little bit today but it’s a stretch to call it cheating, I ate about 50 calories worth of seaweed. So I consider today still a successful fasting day. I also drank almost 3 gallons of water today, I went to the bathroom about every 20 minutes at work today, that would be the downside of drinking an insane amount of water.

I can tell this diet is starting to really make me more healthy because I am cravings nothing but healthy things and my stomach has shrunk substantially. I no longer want to drink pop, I would rather drink water and for the times I do get a cravings for some carbonated goodness, I am just going to buy some sparkling water.

Surprisingly, the Walgreen’s brand of sparkling water, called “Nice Sparkling Water” turned out to taste amazing.

nice sparkling water lemon lime walgreens

This past weekend I drank the Lemon Lime flavor and Kiwi Strawberry Flavor. Delicious!

Day 21 – Intermittent Fasting was a huge success!

intermittent fasting plate

This morning I woke up very early and had no desire to go to the gym but I went anyways! Aren’t you just proud of me? Ok, well I am proud of myself. I ended up destroying my cardio workout burning over 530 calories in less than an hour! I hope to hit 600 calories tomorrow!

3 weeks in and I’m not losing any steam here. Full speed ahead baby, I can’t wait to be at my desired weight!