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Day 2 – Terrible Headache – Portillo’s Chopped Salad

Today would be Day 2 of my diet and it wasn’t all that bad except I have a severe headache. I’m thinking it might be from lack of pop or food maybe? I also didn’t drink as much water as I should have today.

Even as I am typing this I have a severe headache, I actually just tried to take a quick nap but I have so much on my mind and so much work to get done I forced myself to get up and write this. I have a can of Diet Coke right in front of me and I’m slowly sipping on it while my body try’s to relax.

Today was one of those days where the second I got off work I need to take my contacts out and throw on my glasses. If you wear contacts you know what I’m talking about, my eyes were so dry and my head hurt so bad, it felt amazing taking them off.

My headache is actually starting to go away as I’m writing this and that is definitely a good thing. I’m probably just over tired, I’m going to make sure I get some good sleep tonight.

Day 2 of Intermittent Fasting Diet

It feels good to actually make it past the first day and I’m almost done with the second day now. I know it isn’t much but this means I have 82 days left as of tomorrow. I needed to start somewhere and I’m already becoming more happy with myself. Since today is Wednesday, my strict diet allows me to eat from 11am to 7pm and it won’t conflict my game plan.

Since I had a bad headache all day, I wasn’t even thinking about eating, just thinking about getting through the day. I also knew my girlfriend was going to be picking me up food right as I got off work at 5 today so I didn’t want to overdue it at lunch. I ended up skipping lunch today at work and just ate when I got home.

I’m on my 3rd can of Diet Coke as we speak, and only because I have had a hectic day. I guess you can say it is my one vice.

What I Ate Today To Maintain My Diet

Now most of you know that I live in the Chicago area so people that live around the Midwest like myself will know of a restaurant called Portillo’s. Normally, if I wasn’t dieting, I would have gotten about 4 jumbo hot dogs with a cup of cheese sauce and just felt like crap right afterwards but since I am dedicated this time around I had my girlfriend pick me up a Chopped Salad.

Portillos Chopped Salad

I can’t complain, their Chopped Salad is incredible. It has chicken, cheese, bacon, pasta, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions in it. They always have this amazing house dressing that they give you with it. I’m pretty sure I read a while ago that the entire salad equals about 400 calories which is much lower than my limit. It also comes with a lemon poppy seed muffin that is so delicious. I guess you can say that was my desert for the day and it was totally worth it and completely in my calorie limits for the day.

Now it is almost 8:00pm in the Chicago area so I am an hour past done eating for the day. I can easily pull this off considering I am still stuffed from the monster chopped salad however I am a bit worried about tomorrow. Tomorrow is Thursday and is a day of fasting for me. I’m usually good at fasting while work but when I get home I get tempted to eat. Knowing I have this blog for support and my beautiful girlfriend, I should be able to conquer Day 3 tomorrow.

Thank You for following my weight loss journey and I hope I inspire you to do the same!

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