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Day 19 – Survived Another Saturday

Today was Day 19 of my Intermittent Fasting Diet Journey and I’m happy to say that I survived another Saturday!

The weekend is by far the hardest time for me to diet because I just have so much time on my hands to be eating and I am also out and about and eating or drinking is a big factor in most things that people do on the weekends. Today I had the usual, Chipotle, and then I had some sushi and raw fish for dinner. There is this amazing Asian market place about an hour away from where I live and my girlfriend and I always go up their and feast on authentic Asian cuisine!

I also sort of had a cheat meal today, I had Mochi Ice Cream again and it was delicious! No worries though, I only bough enough to eat one serving size so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat more. I also bought a bunch of seaweed so I will be eating that all week! I Love Seaweed! I actually found this sweatshirt that I tried on about a month ago and it was just a bit to tight for me to wear so I tried it on again today and it was actually loose on me! It’s amazing seeing progress and this is just motivating me to keep it up!