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Day 18 – Lost 12 Pounds in 18 Days

Sorry for the day late post but this is for Day 18 of my 84 day diet plan.

I am ecstatic to say that in 18 days I have lost over 12 pounds! That is so exciting because hard work is starting to pay off. I feel amazing, I look amazing, and I am just even more motivated to continue working out and continue dieting until I reach my goal.

It’s an amazing feeling when someone you see every so often mentions to you “Hey, your face looks skinnier, have you been losing weight?”. I have had this happen by 3 people already who see me all the time and I am just getting starting! The adrenaline rush of going to the gym and the positive feedback from my peers is the only motivation I need.

It’s very difficult to get started and get over the hump but now that I am past 18 days, it has become an easy thing to stick too. I think they say that it takes 21 days to form a habit or something? Anyways, I feel amazing and I’m glad I have all your guys support on this. You can read from the very start right here.