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Day 16 – Too Tired For The Gym But Perfect Dieting

Today was Day 16 of my Intermittent Fasting Diet and it has been rough. It’s not easy giving up pop on weekdays and giving up food on all days.

Today I consumed less than 600 calories for the entire day, and no carbs once so ever. I also drank a protein shake, and a bunch of water. I’m starting to really feel a difference lately but I have been tired from the lack of caffeine from the constant pop flowing through my veins.

This morning I woke up after only 4 hours of sleep and I just decided I was going to sleep for 2 more hours instead of going to the gym. It’s ok that I didn’t go to the gym today, my body needed the rest anyways. I will be going to the gym tomorrow morning for sure and I’m starting to get excited about going. Today I almost felt like I was missing something because I didn’t start my day off at the gym. I weighed myself yesterday and I was down 7 lbs within the first 15 days, and I hope I can continue to lose weight every few days.