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Day 15 – Killing it with Cardio, Diet on Point

Today was the 15th day of my journey which means there is 69 days left. I decided today that I am going to start getting more serious about my fasting.

With that being said, I am fasting not only tomorrow but also on Friday this week because I have been neglecting my 5:2 ratio and I need to start thinking about my health. I am proud to say I have lost 7 pounds so far which means I have another 53 to go! 7 Pounds in 15 days is pretty damn good considering most of these days I have been slacking. I also have taken pictures from the first week to the second and I already notice a difference.

Today I burned over 500 calories in the morning and that is amazing, it feels amazing and it makes me feel like I have conquered the day. I also ate less than 700 calories today so I definitely kept to my diet.

Quick post for today and thank you for following!