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Day 13 – Relaxed Day & I’m Working Harder Next Week

Today was Day 13 of my diet and it wasn’t the best day but it also wasn’t the worst day. Usually on the weekends is when I totally screw up my diet but I just ate like a normal person would today and that is saying something major for me. Hopefully by next weekend I have built up enough will power to improve even more dramatically to help my diet out.

Tomorrow is Monday and I will be fasting, this is an Intermittent Fasting Diet so tomorrow and Thursday I will be not eating anything. The more I stick precisely to my dieting on the weekdays, the better off I am if I have a little hiccup on the weekends, which I usually do.

Well, What did I eat today?

Today I ate a steak burrito bowl from Chipotle and at night I had some orange chicken and rice from Panda Express. The chipotle was completely fine for my diet but the orange chicken and rice…not so much. However since that is all I ate today, it really wasn’t that bad.

You know how I know this diet is starting to really kick in? I’m starting to feel bad when I eat something crappy or I overeat. I’m starting to notice some weight loss in my face actually which is cool so hopefully I can continue doing this diet and continue to succeed. Thanks for reading!