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Day 12 – No Gym Today + Cheat Meal

Day 12 went pretty smooth for a Saturday, I seem to struggle the most on the weekends and I think everyone is on the same page with that same struggle.

I woke up with the worst headache and didn’t even feel like doing anything today but I decided to go take a shower and get ready for the day. I do live for the weekends and if I don’t do anything for the entire weekend I feel like it’s such a waste. I wish I lived somewhere where it was warm all year long because then at least I could go outside and at least walk or bike ride.

Anyways I didn’t go to the gym because I had a very busy day and it’s ok to take a day off because my legs are still hurting me from all the cardio I have been doing, plus as long as I go every single weekday I should be doing well above and beyond. For now I am leaving the weekends to rest up and regain my body to 100%. I think starting this week coming up I’m going to start lifting again instead of just cardio, I need to get these sexy muscles back.

Day 12 – Intermittent Fasting Diet – No Gym + Cheat Meal

Today would be day 12 of my intermittent fasting diet and it has been a journey. I have been trying to ditch the pop in general but so far I have been able to no drink pop during the weekdays but during the weekends I have been struggling. For now I am going to slowly ween myself off on the weekends and stick to just drinking water on the weekdays.

Today I ate Chipotle twice at 2 different locations, one in the morning and one at the nighttime. I was planning on eating sushi for the nighttime but that didn’t end up happening but I am very happy with Chipotle. Now here is where the cheat meal comes in to play. Have you guys ever head of Mochi Ice cream? It is incredible and I went to this huge Asian marketplace by Chicago and they sell it there. You might have heard that my girlfriend is 100% Asian so I get to try all this neat stuff that I am not accustomed too.

Mochi Ice Cream

Mochi Ice Cream is like this gummy ball of dough with delicious ice cream on the inside. My favorite is Vanilla but I saw flavors Green Tea, Mango, Chocolate, Strawberry, Red Bean, and even coffee I think? I’m sure they have tons of other flavors as well but it is definitely something you need to try. If you are around a Trader Joe’s I know they sell it there too. Anyways they come in packs of 6 and I ended up having 2 packs of Mochi. It was totally worth it. Be ready to have paper towels ready because it is very powdery. I think they through powder on it to keep it fresh in the container, just wipe the powder off and eat it. Delicious!

Tomorrow is Sunday and I don’t plan on going to the gym but I do plan on keeping to my diet. Thanks for reading guys, I’m going to start lifting come Monday.