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Day 11 – Thank God It’s Friday – Cardio + Chipotle

It is the end of Day 11 for my diet and all I can say is thank god it is Friday!

This post is going to be quick because I am on my second beer and my girlfriend is already in bed waiting for me. If I don’t go to bed after my second beer then I am just going to continue to drink more beers and really screw up my diet. I do not want to be hungover tomorrow either.

I woke up this morning at 4 in the morning and I had no desire to go to the gym at all. Since I am so dedicated I just decided to start getting ready for the gym, and I just drove there and walked inside without even thinking about it. This way by the time my mind convinced me no, I was already at the gym so I had no choice. I did cardio for another 40 minutes and I put the resistance up high and burned over 400 calories. I purposely tried to burn at least 400 calories so I could eat Chipotle tonight. With that being said, I had a steak burrito bowl tonight and it was delicious.

Other than that I had some Beef Sticks and 2 Beers. Pretty basic post, diet is going strong. Stay Tuned my friends hopefully I start seeing some progress. Thanks!