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Day 1 of the new diet , 21 day diet, logged diet plan

Well today was day 1 of my new diet I am trying out. It is a concept of a liquid diet with a few meals and snacks in between. I bought a few items today and it cost me a little over $100 for everything. I bought Gaspari Nutrition MyoFusion Probiotic Series: Cookies & Cream for my daily protein intake, mainly because I love the taste. I bought Garden of Life Super Seed Beyond Fiber, I guess it’s a cinnamon flavor but you can barely tell. It tastes like crap but it’s supposedly really good for you and it will keep me full longer due to the high fiber content. I also bought Garden of Life Raw Meal: Beyond Organic Meal Replacement Formula. Now this stuff tastes HORRIBLE. I made the mistake of trying to just drink it straight mixed with only water and man was that a mistake. The texture is just disgusting and it was so hard to get down. I bought this for the amazing health benefits and it can literally replace an entire meal so I plan on drinking 2 shakes per day. Yuck. Hopefully tomorrow I make it out to the store and mix it with some form of juice. Everyone is saying Apple Juice mixes well with it and I will also be trying it. Even though it tastes terrible, It is still very good for me to take. You can live off this stuff and only this stuff.

myofusion protein garden of life super seed raw meal

That up there is the picture I took of all the products I bought today. I might also buy some Super Green capsules but I’m waiting for my friend who’s mom works for Garden of Life to hook me up with a deal.

Anyways I mentioned that I would keep track of my daily food intake and keep you guys updated. Well here is my daily food intake.

  • 4:30 AM – 8 Perfect Food Green Capsules by Garden of Life
  • 10:30 AM – Garden of Life Raw Meal 2 Scoops, 1 serving
  • 12:00 PM – Gaspari Nutrition MyoFusion Probiotic Series C&C 2 Scoops w/ Water
  • 2:00 PM – Baby Carrots with Hot Sauce
  • 4:00 PM – Nordic Naturals Nordic Berries
  • 5:30 PM – Portillos Chopped Salad
  • 7:00 PM – Garden of Life Super Seed Beyond Fiber 1 Scoop, 1 serving
  • 7:30 PM – Gaspari Nutrition MyoFusion Probiotic Series C&C 1 Scoop w/ Water

And that should be it for the night. I don’t think I forgot anything. Tomorrow I am going to be more specific I just didn’t have time to track my progress more precisely. I also drank a bunch of water today. Stay tuned for tomorrow when I post Day 2.

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