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Cyber Monday Deals For 2013

Did you score any good Cyber Monday Deals this year?

I went to a bunch of different websites and almost bought a ton of things but I always talk myself out of it. I did however find some sweet electronics deals on Ebay this year. I bought a 1TB External Hard Drive for only $39.99! The cool thing about Ebay is the fact that is uses Paypal! I love using Paypal to purchase things especially since I am a member of the Smart Connect Credit Line! Even then I had a hard time clicking check out because I’m very picky when I purchase something which I guess is a good thing. I did need an external hard drive and I think I scored a pretty sweet deal, either way I can’t wait for it to get here!

Cyber Monday Deals For 2013

So did anybody else get any sweet deals online this Cyber Monday? To be honest I feel like Black Friday had better deals this year and they were mostly all featured online as well. Some people also believe Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just a big publicity stunt and you get crappier products then you think your getting but it still feels good to think you found a deal.


The reason I enjoy Cyber Monday is the fact that I can enjoy the sales at my house and not have to deal with the madness of people. The only person I’m dealing with is myself which is alright I guess…

What deals did you score today? Did you score anything on Black Friday? I want to know!

  • Vince M

    I scored a sweet external hard drive!!