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Creating a Website in 3 Easy Steps

There is a lot of information on the internet right now about creating a website but not all of it is valuable information. This post is going to tell you exactly how to create a website and it’s going to make your life much easier. I have taken the time to create a valuable post just for you so you can have a website just like me. Did you know, according to Google, their are over 1,000,000 searches for “Creating a Website” per month? I hope this post is very beneficial to you and many others and I will explain how you can Create Your Own Website in 3 easy steps. If you already know what you want your website to be, then please skip Step 1.

How to Create a Website: Step 1 – Figuring Out What Your Website is About


  • How can you even start the process of creating a website if you have no idea what you want your website to be? You just can’t. First thing you need to do is figure out what your website is going to be for, and what your going to post on it. People often make the mistake of thinking too fast and creating a URL without being able to come up with content for it. Search engines are looking for quality, unique content that will help the person landing on their page and no one is going to even land on a website that has zero content. Your website could be the most beautifully designed website in existence but that won’t get you anywhere without any content.
  • Don’t just make a website because you want to make money. I can’t stress this enough, you will not make any money off a website that you have no passion for. You would have to spend years researching the particular topic to be able to create unique content that benefits your viewers. If people land on your website and notice you have no idea what your talking about, they are going to leave and never come back. It is very easy to spot a website that only paraphrases someone else’s work or a website that is inaccurate. We live in an age where you can just exit out of any website and just google search the exact answer you need to solve your problem. That’s why people use the internet right? To solve an issue they are having and to find out some information. Especially people who rely on the search engines, Google is never going to rank you if you have terrible content.
  • Write about a topic you are passionate about and a topic you know like the back of your hand. Think about all the stuff your good at and think about how you can display that as a website. You won’t need to do the years of research to keep fresh content on your website because you probably already have invested plenty of time learning about the topic for fun because you enjoy it. For me, I looked at what people are coming to me for in my regular personal life. I came to realize that was computers, and networking, and other things in that spectrum. I found that out because whenever my family or friends have a problem with their computer or internet, they call me. They don’t call a technician or their service provider, they call me. They trust me to fix the problem because they know they can ask me a question about it and get an honest answer from me without hesitation. So what you need to ask yourself is, what am I good at? Take however much time you need to decide because one day it will click. Here’s a good example, if you go and get a tattoo out of nowhere, there is a good chance your going to hate that decision you made so urgently later on. However, if you spent months or even years, researching the exact tattoo you wanted, your going to have a better shot at liking your end result. Put that logic towards your website.

Creating a Website: Step 2 – Purchasing Your URL & Hosting Your Website


  • So now you have a great idea or at least an idea you feel comfortable about and your ready to purchase your website. This part usually scares most people but it has become very easy to do thanks to certain companies. Let me give you some background of my past; My first website I ever created was in the year 2002 and it was a much different experience back then. Let’s both be thankful that things have become much easier at this point in time. Back in 2002 I created a website called “Glitch in the Box” and it was about finding “glitches” in Xbox video games, mostly the popular game Halo. I’m fortunate enough to say that my first website I ever created was a success. The game developers of Halo, at the time were Bungie, posted my website on their front page. Instant Success and luckily I had a great hosting company even 10 years ago. The best hosting company back then by far was Bluehost. It has become even greater since then too. Back then, you couldn’t even get an Unlimited Bandwidth website and that was a huge concern for me because I was steaming videos and this was before YouTube even existed, well at least it wasn’t popular then. If you didn’t know, video streaming sucks your bandwidth dry. Thankfully, Bluehost now offers unlimited everything for a cheap price. You can buy your URL from them and also host it all in one.
  • That being said, now your wondering how should I go about purchasing my URL and hosting my website? This is a good question and this part of the process is more than half the battle. You can go a few different routes but let me explain the best solutions that have worked for me. You could buy a URL from one company, and then host it from another company but then you have to direct the URL to the correct servers. If you didn’t quite understand that last sentence then please do it the next way I explain. That would be to buy the URL and Hosting all in one from the same place. It’s much easier for a beginning website developer to do a bundle deal and I do that option with most of my websites I own even to this day. It’s just much easier to deal with one company in my opinion.
  • What company should I go with? I’m going to list two different companies and I have websites on both of them. They have both been exceptionally good to me and have great reviews from thousands of people. Both of these companies I link you too, you can click the link and it will take you directly to the purchasing steps. I advise you do it this way so you don’t accidentally end up purchasing from a different company. Do your research though, I’m just suggesting to you the best companies that I have dealt with whether it was a for small website or a big company website.

Bluehost – Over 20,000 New Customer a Month & Hosting Millions of Domains


-Like I mentioned before, Bluehost was the first hosting company I have ever been introduced to and even 10 years ago they were ahead of their time. They have even improved so much more since then that your in very good hands if you go with them. Their customer support is phenomenal, say you don’t feel like talking on the phone or it’s late at night, they offer a 24/7 chat service with a real person on the other end who helps you out right away.

Signing up with Bluehost is very user friendly. Just Click Right Here if you are interested in signing up.

HostGator – We Eat Up The Competition


HostGator is the host I’m using for this website right now and I have the fastest load times I have ever experienced by using them. They also have a great customer support team who helps you out with your problem right away without having to be put on hold forever. HostGator also allows you to host adult content or content that would also be deemed “nsfw” or not safe for work. It’s a great overall hosting and URL company.

Creating a website with HostGator is very simple. Click Right Here if you want to start the process and also type in our exclusive coupon code: POPBLOGSITE to save you $9.94 off your purchase.

  • Like I mentioned before, I use both of these hosting companies for my URL’s and my Hosting and they have been more than great for me. They both offer similar perks and both have great customer service. Once you click on either link they will walk you through the sign up process and make it very easy for you to do.

Now You Own Your Website – Step 3 – Publishing Your Website


  • Now if you made it to this step your on the right path. You have a URL purchased and you have it sitting on a server being hosted. Well Done. Now if you go to your URL there is probably a page by the hosting company stating, “if you own this website please fix it so you don’t have to see this awful landing page” err.. something like that right? Or maybe your hosting company just leaves a blank index page for you and your staring at a blank white screen. Either way, you are frantic to get rid of that because your hoping none of your early viewers see that mess. Here is one positive to that problem, no one is going to see it but you because no one is visiting your website. If it is a URL that has never had an owner in the past, which there is a pretty good chance that is the case, you have plenty of time to publish what you want on there.
  • Now if your reading this page you are probably not an expert on creating a website but you are willing to learn and that is what matters. There’s a slim chance you know how to do any coding once so ever. You hear people saying HTML or PHP and you think it’s a different language. Well your right, it is it’s own language but there are plenty of options to help your publish in those languages.
  • If you want a very simple website then use HTML. If your goal is to just have a website that shows one page and that’s it, then hire someone to code it for you. If you don’t want to spend the money there are plenty of resources online to help you create a home page. There are also programs like FrontPage or Dreamweaver that will give you a visual representation of what your website will look like without having to manually type in the code yourself.
  • My suggestion to you is to just install a content management system on your website. I could get into all the options for that but I have one that simply is the best right now that I use on almost all of my websites. That platform I use would be WordPress and most others will do the same. Both of those hosting companies I suggested offer a login system called cPanel which has some pretty cool stuff on it. You can select WordPress directly from cPanel and install it on the index of your website and there you go, you are in business. You will want to go to to find out any information that you need to use it but it is very simple and easy to figure out. You can login to your WordPress account and make a post, like I am currently doing, then hit publish and there you go. You have now published your first post.
  • I like to take the approach of trying each thing a product offers and seeing how it works or looks. I’m more of a see it to learn it type of a guy and you can always remove something you do not like on your website. Take plenty of time to study WordPress and you are well on your way to creating a successful website with great content.

There you have it! You have now created your own website and it wasn’t that difficult or scary was it? I tried to pinpoint the most crucial stages of creating a website and put them in to 3 easy steps. Now that you have created your website, you will want to market it and a quick tip is to use Twitter and Facebook to start with. It’s free social networking and effective. The most important step is always Don’t Give Up no matter what your task is. If you guys have any questions please just send me and email or leave a comment.