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Created My First Niche Site

I have created my very own Niche site for the first time ever. I have been dealing with websites for many years now and I finally decided to join in the niche market. I plan on creating a one brand new niche website every single month for the entire year of 2013 and I plan on giving you the results every single month.  February is when I will give you the first results of the website I just created and I will give you the URL to the brand new one I also start. I will be minimally throwing my URL to these niche website’s on here because I want to really master this organic traffic thing.


Perfecting The Niche Site

By the end of 2013, I want to have perfected SEO to a T and have traffic constantly pouring in to all of my websites. My goal is to get my website on the first page in one month’s time. Sounds hard right? Your damn right it’s hard but I don’t take no for an answer. It’s time to grab the bull by the horns and take off to financial freedom.

Wait I’m Not Perfect

I will also be posting any mistakes I notice I make. Remember, I have plenty of experience with the website industry, but not the niche market one. I am a newbie who will be learning as I go so I hope you enjoy the ride with me. Hopefully, I can look back at this post in a year’s time, and notice a huge difference in my momentum. Let’s get this party started.