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Corona With Tomato Juice, Lime, & Salt Equals Delicious

Corona With Tomato Juice, Lime, & Salt Equals Delicious:

I have a lot of friends who are Mexican and they always are down to have a good time. By good time I mean drink a bunch of beer. Typically we will drink a Mexican beer like corona. Well a while back they heard that I like tomato juice by itself and told me about this thing they do with coronas to make them taste better.

They will drink the neck of the corona, then fill the rest of the bottle back up to the top with tomato juice and lime. Then sprinkle salt all around the rim. The salt causes it all to react and you just chug the beer down. It is so delicious and I stay hydrated from the tomato juice. It is simply amazing and I have been drinking these bad boys for the past two days.