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Chipotle is One of My Favorite Restaurants (Burrito Bowl)

My girlfriend and I love Chipotle! We go there at least 1 to 2 times a week and we actually keep it quite healthy when we go there. I’ll tell you exactly what I get at Chipotle.

I get a Steak Burrito Bowl with white rice, no beans, mild, sour cream, and cheese. My girlfriend and I then split a bag of chips and I use the chips to scoop out the burrito bowl. Not to mention I pour Chipotle Flavored Tabasco Sauce all over it first. Yum! I love it. I wish I was eating one right now and I actually might go get one after I finish writing this post.

Chipotle is always very fresh and very clean and the staff is trained to perfection. They always have a long line but it always moves very fast. Here’s a Chipotle Tip: Order online to avoid the long line. They even have an iPhone App you can download for free and it saves you last order. How cool is that? I have noticed sometimes though the staff doesn’t keep a good eye on the online orders and some locations, not all, they don’t even make your order a priority.

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Chipotle is Delicious and Health Conscious

Chipotle claims to use fresh organic meat in their restaurant and I personally could care less but it’s good to know that I’m putting something more healthy into my body. For one thing it won’t hurt, and for another the steak is always extremely fresh. They cook it right their on the spot and the rate of it sitting can’t be longer than 15 minutes because they are always so damn busy.

If you don’t have a Chipotle by you I am very sorry to hear that, you are totally missing out. If you have one by you and haven’t check it out yet, go give it a try. It is definitely worth it, the price of my entire burrito bowl, and my girlfriends burrito bowl, and a bag of chips usually costs us a total of about $16.00 and that’s including a drink and cup for water.