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China Yibai United Guarantee International Holding | CBGH Stock Ticker | Hot Penny

China Yibai United Guarantee International Holding | CBGH Stock Ticker | Hot Penny Stocks.

Here is an update to my previous post on this stock. You can find my previous post here.

Snippet after fridays closing:

cbgh stock ticker china yibai united guarantee international holding

Well, doesn’t look so good. Last time I posted which was Feb. 5th, the stock was at $.035. Now we are sitting at $.018. I wish I would have gotten in at the price it is sitting right now instead of getting in at a little higher. Anyways, I’m actually going to purchase a couple thousand more of CBGH on Monday because if the Financials do happen to come out, most likely the stock will skyrocket.

  • I have a friend named Vmaster31 who told me about this stock and he also directed me to a great place to get quality information pertaining to CBGH. The Link is . He already told me in advance that he will be posting this on that forum after I submit it to my blog. Thank You.

The reason I posted this is to show you that the volume is at 195,812. You might be surprised that, that is considered a higher volume for this stock as of late. The one problem is the company is being very slow with releasing its financial information from the previous year. IMO, that is causing a lot of people to panic and sell short. Well, along with my friend Vmaster31 and the entire CBGH board, We are holding long.

Every time they have release positive financial information the stock has soared. It has been at $Dollar levels and if/when they release the new financial information I would bet history will repeat itself. Assuming the company had a good year. We can only hope, but supposedly they did.

If you did your own research and are skeptical about buying, start figuring out what your decision is going to be. This is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to BUY if you want to get in.

*This information is based on my opinion. I'm not telling you to buy or sell I'm just enlightening you on the
 information I have obtained. Please at least check with ihub first, they have great information in that link
 I have posted above.