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Celeste Anderson – King of the Nerds Winner

Celeste Anderson ended up being the winner of King of the Nerds, a TV reality game show on TBS.

It’s ironic that she ended up winning for me because I had recently put a post up for Celeste Anderson including pictures of her from the show. I mentioned in the previous post that most people finding my blog as of recent is because of the King of the Nerds posts and that’s cool with me. I’m also getting a bunch of hits for “King of the Nerds Asian” or “Celeste Anderson”.

A viewer brought up to me that Celeste Anderson might have just kind of got lucky and the only reason she won at the end is because the nerds thought of Celeste as a popular girl who was also cute and they wanted to be her friend. I guess it’s the only nerd flaw but in a way, I can see that being true.

Celeste Anderson Won King of the Nerds TV Show

Celeste Team Blextrophy King of the Nerds Asian Girl

During the final episode, their was a “Jeopardy Type” nerd parody game that was being played and Celeste was asked a simple math question that anyone could have figured out, and she got it wrong. Maybe she isn’t that good at math but it was a very easy question and it was multiple choice and with the simple use of elimination even you could conclude the answer.

Anyways, I think Celeste might have a career on TV in the future, shes smart, cute, and funny. People seem to adapt to her and enjoy her presence too, not to mention the thousands of search’s she gets online on a daily basis. It seems that she has built a little fan club throughout the game show’s season and I am happy she ended up winning.

Congratulations Celeste Anderson for being the winner of the TV Reality Game Show, King of the Nerds!

Teaser: It appears that they are going to be having a season 2 for now, they showed some of the original contestants home made video’s that they submitted to get on the show in the first place and are now asking for you to submit your video for season 2. I hope their is another season of the show, it’s quirky and being a somewhat nerd myself, I enjoy watching it. You can submit your nerd application right here directly to TBS. Good Luck!

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