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People on Google Plus – The Google+ Way


People on Google+ are much more interactive and engaging then other social media sites. I started using Google+ a little over a month ago and I’m already hooked! I just surpassed 1,000 followers in my circles and I am ecstatic about it. Not only are these people following me they are engaging me. I get likes for all my posts, ... Read More »

Top 10 Eminem Songs


Top 10 Eminem Songs is a very difficult one to categorize considering he has about 100 songs that are hits. This Top 10 list is purely based on my honest opinion and if you want to comment your top 10 list of Eminem songs below, then I’d love to read it! I have been listening to Eminem ever since he ... Read More »

Eminem Rolling Stone Cover – December 2013


Eminem is now featured on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine for the December 2013 Issue. How cool is that?! Eminem is by far my favorite rapper and most likely the greatest rapper of all time. Eminem has been killing it since day 1 and continues to deliver hit after hit after hit. Have you guys heard his new album? ... Read More »

Why WordPress is Awesome


This website you are on right now is because of WordPress. Most websites you view besides the main ones are ran with WordPress. Why do people like using WordPress? Well WordPress is Awesome! I’m going to explain exactly why it is Awesome. Why WordPress is Awesome After installing WordPress, practically anybody can run a website. When I first created a ... Read More »

Popular Blog Site Updated Big Time


Popular Blog Site has been around for a couple years now but it has always been on and off. Now I have time to keep this thing going and I have 100% Ownership! Popular Blog Site has been gaining new traffic and more views monthly since the day it became a website. I want to keep this trend going and ... Read More »

2014 Toyota Camry XLE Review


The 2014 Toyota Camry is the number 1 selling passenger vehicle in the United States of America. I had the fortunate luck of getting a 2013 Toyota Camry as a rental car when I drove from Chicago Illinois to Las Vegas Nevada. The 2013 Toyota Camry is virtually the same exact car as the 2014 model in case you didn’t ... Read More »