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How to get Blog Traffic, Viewers, and Followers

Here is my personal suggestions on how to successfully achieve blog traffic and to get more viewers coming daily. Now we all want to obtain traffic to whatever it is we are promoting. A product, a website, a blog, etc. Whatever it may be, no one will see it unless you do the proper things to get people there. Here ... Read More »

Louis Vuitton Condoms, Price is…

Just in time for Valentines Day, I am amazed to announce that I just heard that they now make Louis Vuitton Condoms!  Are you serious!? First off I think it’s hilarious and second off the next celebrity who comes out with a sex tape better be using their new “Louis Vuitton Bags”. I guess they cost $68. I’m pretty sure ... Read More »

Homework Sucks

I have a bunch of homework due tomorrow so I have to finish it now instead of do anything else which would be more fun. After I finish this homework I will be posting a review on NewChapter Perfect Energy and also be adding a few other things. Also made a Twitter account yesterday as you can see on the ... Read More »