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Thank You Pinkberry For Sending Me a Tweet! @PinkberryCHI

Thank You Pinkberry For Sending Me a Tweet! @PinkberryCHI So I have this friend of mine who currently is residing in California and I always was jealous because I wanted to try Pinkberry and thought they weren’t in my area. Well I obviously know now that they do indeed have one in Chicago and I live in the Chicago ... Read More »

Twitter of the Week Starting Today New Twitter Every Sunday

Twitter of the Week: Starting today I have decided that I will be featuring somebody’s twitter account every single week on the right of the website. This is a way I can get more people communicating in my blog and a way to get more followers to your twitter. After you win, I will put up a blog post congratulating ... Read More »

Good morning every one

Hello everyone. I have a lot of work to do and also have school work to do. Steel Libido and Allmax Protein review will be posted today along with other stuff. Thank you everybody who has been visiting frequently and please make sure to subscribe to my blog and follow me on Twitter. *Mobile post from IPhone. Read More »

Whitney Houston has died at age 48, publicist says

Whitney Houston has died at age 48. I am very sad to announce that Whitney Houston has died at the age of 48. The location and cause of death are still unknown as this has just been reported 15 minutes ago. I will keep updating as I get more information. I hope it’s not drug related but everything is pointing ... Read More »