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Will Apple Create Their Own Version Of COIN?


I’m beginning to think Apple will make their own version of COIN sometime in the future. Apple seems to see a product with potential, and then create a crisp, almost perfect, version and sell millions. I can already see it now, the lighting charger going directly into the card to charge it and a fancy app that utilizes your iPhone ... Read More »

People Driving in the Snow


Driving in the snow just sucks! I can’t stand it. It’s actually a big frustration when I have to go somewhere and it’s snowing outside. The reason I hate it so much is because of other people. If the street was empty and it was just me and the snow together alone, I wouldn’t mind it at all. Now I ... Read More »

Healthy Salad with Dressing


Can salads actually be healthy and delicious? I think so. Eating a salad is like using a generic crayon. It will get the job done but there are so many other options that are much better. A healthy salad with the right dressing can be quite delicious. For instance, I live in Chicago and we have a restaurant you may ... Read More »

Joe Rogan Experience – Brody Stevens, Redban


The Joe Rogan Experience Episode #424 with Brody Stevens and Redban. I’m starting to become a Joe Rogan Experience junky! I’m finding myself checking every single day now hoping for a new podcast to get me through my work day! Most times, The Joe Rogan Experience does NOT disappoint in any way, shape, or form! Episode #424 features comedian ... Read More »

Paul Walker Autopsy Results – Accident


Paul Walker Autopsy Results are in and the coroner has officially ruled it an Accident. Not like anyone thought there was foul play anyways but regardless, it’s been confirmed. Sources say Paul Walker might have initially survived the impact but the traumatic and thermal injuries that quickly followed made it impossible for Walker to survive. Roger Rodas, the driver of ... Read More »

2014 McLaren P1 Pictures


2014 McLaren P1 Pictures and Images. I was never a big McLaren fan until I saw the P1! This car is so damn sexy and has an incredible appeal that makes me want one. According to Yahoo, McLaren just started shipping out the P1 Hyper Car for purchase and hopefully your a millionaire or else you can’t buy one! The ... Read More »