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Strawberry Guava Fuze , Incredibly Delicious

fuze strawberry guava

I have been starting a bad habit of going to the gas station before work everyday and buying some snacks or some energy drinks to try and make my morning better. So the other day I decided I wanted to definitely buy something to fill the void but I didn’t want something as unhealthy as pop. So I figured I’d ... Read More »

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Chews Chewable Tablets

amino energy chews

You might have already read my review about Amino Energy by Optimum Nutrition, well this is the chew form of that same product. What’s neat about the chews is only 3 of them equals a serving size. You don’t have to mix powder into water and stomach the taste while filling up your stomach. This is 3 simple small little ... Read More »

Cannoli Cupcakes Are Delicious, Italian’s know their food

cannoli cupcake

Cannoli Cupcakes are delicious. I am Italian and I’m very picky about my pasta and my deserts so I automatically shoot down stores making any Italian food. I much rather prefer when my grandparents cook authentic Italian food but sometimes I can’t get to that delicious food all the time and I have to go to the local stores in ... Read More »