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New WordPress Dashboard Update 3.8


The newest WordPress update is quite different than the past updates and I like it! WordPress Update 3.8 is incredible and finally they did something to the back end design to make it look more 2014. It appears that the admin panel is now 100% responsive on any device, including your cellphone. This is perfect for bloggers and web developers ... Read More »

Rebecca Black New Song Saturday, Really?


Rebecca Black has released a brand new song called “Saturday”. I thought this was a joke and I think everyone else thought the same thing but it’s real. I just can’t wait for her to come out with the rest of the days of the week so we can just be done with her. The video has over 13 million ... Read More »

Joe Rogan Experience – Cliffy B Episode #427


The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast Episode #427 with Clifford Bleszinski aka Cliffy B. Cliffy B is a video game designer and former design director for the game development company Epic Games. Cliffy knows everything about video games and he even gets Joe Rogan excited about starting to play video games again. The majority of this podcast is basically talking about ... Read More »

Joe Rogan Experience – Mike Birbiglia #426


The Joe Rogan Experience Episode #426 features comedian Mike Birbiglia. This is a shorter podcast, only running about an hour and 20 minutes but it’s a good change of pace to listen to a shorter one. They blitz through the commercials at the beginning and Redban is absent. Mitch Hedberg seems to be a big topic of discussion which is ... Read More »

King Of The Nerds Season 2


King Of The Nerds Season 2 will begin airing January, 23 at 9 PM CST on TBS. The first season of King of the Nerds gained some popularity towards the end of the season and I’m guessing it will be popular again this season. If you watched KOTN last year, you will see that the same hosts will be making ... Read More »

Howard Stern Show December 4, 2013


Howard Stern Show December 4, 2013. Episode Recap: Kanye West Interview Clips. 12/04/13. 6:00am Underdog Lady Clips. 12/04/13. 6:15am Clips Of Janice Dickinson Bad Mouthing Howard. 12/04/13. 6:55am Howard’s Germ Phobia. 12/04/13. 7:15am A Birthday Show Ticket Game. 12/04/13. 7:20am Robin’s Broken Toe And More. 12/04/13. 7:35am Killing Time Before Kirstie Alley. 12/04/13. 8:00am Kirstie Alley Visits. 12/04/13. 8:10am One ... Read More »