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Don’t Give Up


Don’t Give Up. Sounds easy right? Well it isn’t, but I’m suggesting that you Don’t Give Up. How many times have you started a project just for it to end up as nothing? You can start a project, give up on it, then look back a year later and say, wow what could have been if I stuck with that ... Read More »

Popular Blog Sites

Popular Blog Site

Your searching for Popular Blog Sites and you come across the most popular blog site, Popular Blog Site. Popular Blog Sites are popular for a reason. They offer unique content and they are doing all the right steps. They don’t just become popular overnight either. You need years of a built community and great use of the search engines before ... Read More »

Articles For Your Website

Articles For Your Website. Need to figure out where to find articles for your website? Here is my suggestion. Research. Do as much research as possible on the topic you are interested in writing on. We have all been to that website who just keeps copying content from some other big news source and it’s garbage. I don’t want to ... Read More »

Where to Find a Graphic Designer


Looking for a Graphic Designer? I can show you exactly where to find a graphic designer. You have come to the right place. I happen to do Graphic Design on the side and I can create anything you might need for your website or business. Right now I do all the graphics for the company I work for, along with ... Read More »

Left Handed

left handed store

I am Left Handed and I am very glad that I am indeed Left Handed. It has it’s perks but it also makes life a bit more difficult to live. Being Left Handed means being different than a majority of the world. Try that one on for size…different than a majority of the WORLD. Since I’m Left Handed I feel ... Read More »