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How I Doubled My Unique Traffic This Month

Doubled Traffic

In November, my unique traffic report shows that I had 3,648 unique visitors for the entire month. In the internet world that doesn’t really seem like a lot of unique traffic but it is a definite start. Now it is only the middle of December and I already have doubled my unique traffic. It is December 16, 2012 and I ... Read More »

The Chicago Bears Keep Disappointing


When you live in Chicago your entire life you learn to be disappointed by all of our sports teams. This post in particular is going to be me telling you how disappointed I am with the Chicago Bears. Today is December 16th, 2012 and the Bears just lost to our biggest rivals, the Green Bay Packers 21-13. Now any loss ... Read More »

Doctor P Big Boss YouTube Song of the Day

Doctor Picto

That’s right, I’m bringing back the “Song of the Day” post on Popular Blog Site because well, I love music. Doctor P has some of the best dubstep songs I have ever heard. I always love when Doctor P’s Big Boss gets played on my Pandora or Spotify and it happened to come on today so I thought it would ... Read More »

How to Become the Top Blog


Being the Top Blog is a dream to every blogger. If your the Top Blog for your niche then you are the expert. You have conquered the internet masses and are number one. The top blog has credibility, reliability , and excellent content. To become the Top Blog of your niche you need to have constant unique content pouring in ... Read More »

Creating a Website in 3 Easy Steps


There is a lot of information on the internet right now about creating a website but not all of it is valuable information. This post is going to tell you exactly how to create a website and it’s going to make your life much easier. I have taken the time to create a valuable post just for you so you ... Read More »

WordPress 3.5 Problems, Temporary Fix

Thanks to BulletProof security, I am able to even make this post right now. If you are like me, you upgraded your wordpress sometime today, and then got screwed. Nothing on my wordpress was working. How can WordPress even release this without knowing of the problems? Hopefully they fix it soon, you can see a lot of other’s having the ... Read More »