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Website Traffic Keeps Increasing Lately


My website traffic has been steadily increasing and it’s particularly because of one reason. Yes I am ranking a bit better everyday in the google search engine but that is the not the reason for the recent spike in traffic. The reason for my traffic increasing is Twitter. I found this plug-in called “Tweetily” that will automatically tweet the posts ... Read More »

Merry Christmas from Popular Blog Site


As Christmas nears an end this year, it makes you realize what is important in life. Family is important to me, not gifts or food and even though those things go hand in hand, friends and family is what should matter. I had my first Christmas this year without my Mom and it was very tough on us all. I ... Read More »

Traffic Update December 23, 2012


So if you follow this blog you would know that exactly one week ago I Doubled My Traffic for this month which was a total of 6,951 unique visitors. The month before I had a little over 3,000 unique hits. Today is one week later and I am at 7,700 unique hits. So far, that is a very low increase ... Read More »

Gangnam Style by PSY Song of the Day


You have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard Gangnam Style by PSY. It is officially the most watched video on YouTube of all time. It has surpassed 1 billion views. Can you even fathom that, 1 billion views? Wow, that is just incredible. I do have to admit that I am starting to get sick of the ... Read More »

Popular Blog Site Will Have a Podcast


Popular Blog Site will be having a Podcast in the future. I’m not sure exactly when but I was messing around recording on my iPhone and it didn’t sound half bad. My girlfriend had mentioned that I dropped too many F-words so I definitely need to practice. I’m not a big fan of my voice but it doesn’t sound half ... Read More »

Jerry Seinfeld Shows How He Writes Jokes


The New York Times published a video yesterday about how Jerry Seinfeld writes his jokes. He describes a joke that took him 2 years to write about and that joke is about a poptart. He breaks down the entire joke into a 5 minute video and explains the beginning and the end of the joke about poptarts. He explains that ... Read More »