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Animals – House of The Rising Sun Song of the Day


Great classic song by Animals, House of The Rising Sun was ahead of it’s time when it was released before I was even born. I appreciate good music no matter what era it is from and this is good quality music.  I have embedded the YouTube video and posted the lyrics. Enjoy! The Animals – House of the Rising Sun ... Read More »

Captcha is always impossible to read


Alright guys, I get it. Captcha code keeps the spammers away. I think that is fantastic! But when a human being can’t even read the dame thing? Why are they damn near impossible to read?? Is their a computer program out there that has eyes and can see more basic images? Their is nothing more frustrating then not being able ... Read More »

How to Create a Website Online – First Niche Site


Alright guys I caved in…I’m going to tell you about my first niche site just because I am so excited about it and it is turning into something beautiful. The website is called How to Create a Website Online and the link to it is right here. Now I have just launched it and it isn’t near completion but it ... Read More »

Created My First Niche Site


I have created my very own Niche site for the first time ever. I have been dealing with websites for many years now and I finally decided to join in the niche market. I plan on creating a one brand new niche website every single month for the entire year of 2013 and I plan on giving you the results ... Read More »

Is Pandora Helping the Music Industry?


Ever since the release of Pandora I haven’t downloaded a single song. I’m not exactly sure how Pandora is allowed to play songs, I think it has something to do with the advertisers and them paying the record companies which is a definite plus for the music industry. I recently asked a friend if he downloads free music anymore since ... Read More »