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Plan Your Future and Create Your Goals

dry erase board

I recently purchased 2 huge dry erase boards for my home office and I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now but never got to it. I finally went with my girlfriend to Wal-Mart and spent about $50.00, which is kind of expensive for something not exactly needed but I’m happy about it. This morning I hung them ... Read More »

Traffic Update January 11, 2013

traffic update popular blog site

There are 20 days left for the month of January, 2013 and I have a feeling I won’t hit my goal. My goal of January 2012 was to hit 10,000 unique visitors and right now I’m at 2,030 unique hits for the month. So if you multiple 11 days by 2, that’s 22 days and the pace I’m going I ... Read More »

Why do companies still “spam” you? (Spamming)

spam me

All day on twitter I receive spam messages. They are ridiculously obvious and I would never click on them so why are they still spamming us? Am I just in the know how about the spam links and know not to click on them? We have been seeing spam pretty much since email existed. This website has a contact form ... Read More »

Super Favicon – Coolest Favicon Website Online

super favicon logo

As you regular blog followers know, I created a niche website about 2 weeks ago and have had some great success. Within that success, I was connected with the coolest favicon website online. Super Favicon is exactly what it is called…a super site with all favicons from multiple business’s and websites. Thankfully Garrett, the admin of, contacted me through ... Read More »

Thinking with some Perspective

Perspective Thinking

Ever feel like your depressed or that the world is against you? I sorta understand depression but in reality I have no where near the experiences of others who have a serious problem. I have a friend who had an intervention the other day because of the actions my friend took. I offered my friend some advice that keeps me ... Read More »