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Fixed the Email Subscriber (Please Subscribe)

email list

Thanks to a twitter fan of mine, Danny Micheals, I was informed that my sidebar email subscription form wasn’t working. I was actually starting to get suspicious considering I haven’t had a new subscriber in a couple weeks. The reason this happened was because I did some editing on my theme’s coding a few weeks back and it reset the ... Read More »

King of the Nerds – New Game Show on TBS

king of the nerds

I’m watching the season premier of this new game show called “King of the Nerds” and its awkwardly funny. I’m assuming this is a real game show and not a reality TV, staged kind of show. The 2 hosts are the guys from the movie Revenge of the Nerds, Robert Carradine & Curtis Armstrong. For what I take of it, ... Read More »

How to Create a Website YouTube Video Tutorial

how to create a website youtube video

As most of my followers know, I have created a niche site which you can find here. I’m almost completely done with “How to Create a Website Online” but I hit some bumps in the road and just didn’t have the appropriate time to focus on the website. However I was able to create a audio animated video, it’s a ... Read More »

So I started my Diet Today… (Crash Diet Day 1)


My diet started today and so far so good. Yes, it’s only day one but you need to start somewhere. Today at around noon, I ate 6 hard boiled eggs with a little bit of hot sauce. I made 24 hard-boiled eggs last night and plan on eating 6 every single day. I’m already kind of sick of eating eggs, ... Read More »